Where is Hesiod from?

Ascra Click to see full answer Similarly one may ask, when was Hesiod born?A poet and rhapsode, Hesiod lived around 700 B.C. Hesiod is always compared to Homer and is one those rare poets whose compositions survive to this day. No one knows who was born first Homer or Hesiod, but some assume they lived around the same time.Secondly, which area of Greece did the poet Hesiod come from? It was through this occupation that Hesiod would become one of Western civilization’s first great poets. Hesiod lived near the base of Mount Helicon, where the Muses (goddesses of inspiration) were said to reside. Then one day, Hesiod became inspired. Besides, where did Hesiod grow up? Not a great deal is known about the details of Hesiod’s life. He was a native of Boeotia, a district of central Greece to which his father had migrated from Cyme in Asia Minor.Why did Hesiod write theogony? Theogony, the Analysis But it has an undeniable value: it allows us to know Greek mythology through an author who believed in these myths. Hesiod believed in the Greek gods and in the stories that were told about them. The gods of Hesiod have great authority, they are powerful and important.

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