Where is Seagrams VO distilled?

The VO was created to celebrate owner Joseph Seagram’s son, Thomas, upon his wedding. DISTILLED IN CANADA AND AGED IN BARRELS FOR AT LEAST THREE YEARS; OFTEN (BUT NOT ALWAYS) CANADIAN WHISKIES ARE BLENDS OF CORN, BARLEY, AND RYE WHISKIES WHICH WERE DISTILLED AND MATURED SEPARATELY.Click to see full answer. Keeping this in view, what is Seagrams VO made from?Bottling Note. Seagram’s VO is a classic Canadian whisky blend, made with spirit of at least 6 years of age. It is said the blend was created after a post-prandial conversation amongst the Seagram family; the letters “VO” might well stand for “very own”, as in, their very own blend where is the Seagrams distillery? The Seagram’s Distillery (also known as the Calvert Distillery) is a historic building complex in Louisville, Kentucky, on Seventh Street Road. It was originally constructed between 1933 and 1936 for the production of bourbon whiskey by Distillers Corporation Limited, who acquired Joseph E. Also asked, is Seagrams 7 the same as Seagrams VO? The only whiskeys that still include the Seagram’s name are two diageo blends: Seagram’s VO and Seagram’s 7 Crown. Possibly because of the Canadian heritage of the company, most people seem to think Seagram’s 7 is a Candian Whisky, but it’s an American blended whiskey.What does the Vo stand for in Seagrams VO? Very Own

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