Where is the VIN number on a GMC truck?

Find the Vehicle Identification Number on your GMC. The VIN is most often located on the bottom corner of the windshield on the driver’s side. Another common area for the VIN is a small plate or sticker which is stamped on the inner door frame of the driver’s side door.Click to see full answer. Then, where is the VIN number on a truck frame?In addition to the V.I.N. on the driver’s warranty tag, the number is also stamped on the frame in two different places, both on the topside of the right frame rail.Subsequently, question is, where is the VIN number on a 1977 Chevy truck? The VIN identification and Rating Plate is located attached to the left hand door pillar. Similarly one may ask, where is the VIN number on a 1978 Chevy truck? From 1973 – 1978 Chevy Trucks had the VIN# on a plate, mounted to the driver’s door jamb. Your VIN# can also be found on the factory options decal, located in the glove box. The decal lists all the RPO’s (Regular Production Options) your truck came from the factory equipped with.Is there a VIN number on the frame? Look on the rear frame. On older cars, the VIN can often be found on the rear of the frame on the driver’s side by the tire. When you book an appointment with YourMechanic, include the full 17-digit VIN, found at any of these locations on your vehicle.

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