Where should electrode pads be placed?

It is advisable not to place the pads directly over a joint such as the knee, elbow or ankle as its movement can alter the adherence of the pad. 10. When the pain is wide (e.g. between your shoulders below the neck): Place the pads to the left and right side of your spine in a vertical direction.Click to see full answer. Similarly, where do you put electrode pads? Direction of Electrode Pads If your pain is wide, you’ll most likely benefit from using more pads and possibly a diagonal placement. For example, if you’re feeling pain between your shoulders but below the neck, try arranging two pads vertically to the left and two pads to the right side of your spine.Also Know, where do Hidow pads go? 1. Place both electrode pads on the area of your body where you are experiencing stress, stiffness, aches or pain. 2. Never place electrode pads on the following areas: Sinus nerves. Throat or mouth. Temples or around the brain. Swollen, Infected, or Inflamed areas. Skin eruptions. Cancerous lesions. Directly on your heart. In respect to this, where should Tens pads not be placed? Do NOT place the adhesive electrodes on/or near the heart or across the chest because the introduction of electrical current into the chest may cause rhythm disturbances to the heart.Where do you place tens pads for lower back pain? TENS Pad Placement for Treating Lower Back Pain Set the electrode pads on either side of the pain area. One on the right and left of the pain area on the lower back, and along the leg for sciatic pain will relieve more symptoms.

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