Where should you put thermometer on wood stove?Where should you put thermometer on wood stove?

The stove thermometer can only be used on a single wall flue, and it is attached to the flue using a magnet. To get a good reading, place it 18 inches above the stove for a short period after you ignite the appliance.Click to see full answer. Likewise, people ask, where do you put the thermometer on a wood stove? How to Use a Wood Stove Thermometer Place one of the magnetic thermometers on the metal flue of the wood stove. Attach the magnetic base of the second thermometer on either the top of the stove or on the top third of the metal firebox. Light the fire in the stove and observe the readings on the dial face. Also, how hot should my stove pipe be? I usually get the pipe to 500 – 550 upon initial start up and close down the air to run the stove top temperature around 450. I would like to run the stove top temp to 600 as Jotul says the best range is 400-600. **All temp readings are the surface temperatures. Accordingly, what is the ideal temperature for a wood stove? between 110 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit Do I need a wood stove thermometer?There are cases in which stove thermometers may be needed. It turns out that there is no correct operating temperature for wood stoves because their output is modulated to provide enough heat for the conditions. So, in cold winter weather the temperature will be higher than in the fall when the heating load is lower.

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