Where Was Identical Love Filmed? Utah and Tahiti Filming Locations

Identical Love was filmed in Tahiti and Utah in different schedules. Identical Love was shot in fall and winter of 2020.

It is a romantic drama directed by Brian Brough. Brian is known for his fairytale lovestory like Not Cindrella’s Type, Prescription for Love and Retreat to Paradise.

The rom-com was filmed in two beautiful islands around the French Polynesian islands. Some portions of the movie was shot in Tahiti, whereas few of them were filmed in Moorea à Haapiti and Utah.

The movie was released on November 18, 2021 in the United States.

Table of Contents

– Where Was Identical Love Filmed?
– Utah
– Tahiti & Moorea-Maiao Island
– Meet The Cast Of Identical Love
– Shae Robins as Dr. Charlotte Hudson
– Mason D. Davis as Dr. Seth Adkins
– Scott Christopher as Henry Sallow
– Renny Grames as Paula
– Other Cast Members
– Identical Love Movie Review
– Trailer Break Down

Where Was Identical Love Filmed?

Identical Love was filmed in the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Spa. A few different locations around the French Polynesian islands were used.

The movie moves back an forth between the city and the tropical island which makes for an excellent visual experience for the viewers.

The cast and crew of the movie also had a great time between the schedule as evidenced by the photos they posted on social media.


The introduction and ending parts of the movie were shot in various cities in Utah. Cities like Mapleton, Salt Lake City, Park City, and Payson are famous spots for film shooting.

Hallmark movies like Sister Swap: Christmas in the City, Holly and Ivy, Parent Trap and etc were also filmed in the same location.

Not only is Utah rich in landscapes and sightseeing, but it also is cost friendly for the producers. Hence, filming in Utah is a full retreat.

Tahiti & Moorea-Maiao Island

The major portion of the movie was shot in Tahiti, a beautiful island around French Polynesia. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Tahiti island is nearest to Australia.

Actress Shea has posted a few pictures of the beautiful paradise of Tahiti. She has shared the images on her Instagram account for her followers.

Tahiti is one of the largest islands in the world. Also, it is near the Society Islands, Bora Bora, Moorea, Raiatea, and Taha’a Maupiti.

Moorea island is somewhat north of Tahiti Island where the remaining portion of the movie was filmed.

Both of the islands are located in the Pacific ocean. Although the islands look alike, the culture and economy are far from similar.

In comparison to Tahiti island, Moorea is easy to reach from the nearest landmass, that is Australia. It is budget-friendly too.

Tahiti and Moorea are safer than other French Polynesian islands regarding weather hazards.

In addition to the safety, Moorea also has water clarity and is rich in fauna.

Therefore, it is a prime location for filming TV series, feature films, or underwater filming.

Meet The Cast Of Identical Love

Identical Love cast consists of Shae Robins and Mason D. Davis in the lead. Scott Christopher, Shona Kay and Renny Grames are supporting actors.

Shae Robins as Dr. Charlotte Hudson

The actress portrays the role of Charlotte Hudson in the movie. She plays the role of a kind-hearted, innocent doctor longing for true love.

Her character is betrayed and left at the altar by her fiance, which leads her to a self-discovery path. She fights for her instinct and looks forward to a new beginning.

She is an American actress who was born and raised in Utah. She is the daughter of Jeff and Angie Hunsaker. Robins is in her thirties and celebrates her birthday on October 18th.

Shae is happily married to her college sweetheart Brad Robins. The couple tied the knot in March 2013. Not to forget, their baby girl Sadie Jane Robins was born on June 2021.

Mason D. Davis as Dr. Seth Adkins

In the movie, Mason plays the role of twin brothers Seth and Elijah Adkins.

On the one hand, Elijah leaves Charlotte Hudsonin on the altar, but his twin Dr. Seth falls in love with her.

Actor Mason D Davies was born on January 9, 1990. As of 2023, he is 33 years old.

Mason is mainly known for his role in Brother’s Keeper, The Cokeville Miracle, and Saturday’s Warrior.

In 2016, Mason D. Davis married his girlfriend, Alyssa Wilson, in a tight-knit ceremony. The couple has a son.

Scott Christopher as Henry Sallow

Christopher Scott plays a supporting role as Henry Sallow in the rom-com. He is the one who influences Charlotee to help provide medical aid in the Tropical place.

Scott Christopher is an American actor with an experience over three decades. Scott’s family moved to Utah from Michigan when he was 11.

Christopher is married to his wife, Elizabeth Washburn. Together, they are proud parents of five.

Apart from acting, Scott is also a devout Christian and has previously served as a bishop. He is also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Renny Grames as Paula

Renny Grames is a beautiful actress born in Tokyo, Japan. She is famous for her roles in Riot, Legends of the Lost Gold, K-9 Adventures and many more.

Renny is married to filmmaker Boston McConnaughey. The couple has a daughter named Freya.

She is one of the cast of the rom-com who plays the role of Paul; a supporting character to Charlotte Hudson.

Other Cast Members

– Shona Kay as Maya Solis
– Jillian Joy as Abigail
– Kealii Johnson as Isaiah
– Joel Bishop as Dr. Lewis
– Rick Allen as Mr. Adkins
– Taina Mau as Tobias
– Carter Brough as Datu
Identical Love Movie Review

Identical Love is a simple yet elegant love story. The storyline revolves around the life of two doctors who meet under weird circumstances.

It is incredible how Charlotte and Seth find their way to each other. Despite having different opinions and Charlotte dating Seth’s twin brother, the pair find each other.

In the beginning, Elijah, Dr Seth’s twin brother, was supposed to marry Charlotte Hudson. However, he ditched the plan and left his fiance at the altar.

Finding herself dwelling over her failed attempt at marriage, Charlotte decides to go on a vacation.

Hence, she ends up helping a fellow doctor in his medical camp on a tropical island. It is an awkward moment when Charlotte and Seth meet at the camp.

Still, both of them leave their past behind and start working together.

One thing leads to another, and Seth starts falling for his brother’s ex-fiance. It is a prize to the eye when the couple embraces their feelings for each other and starts working on it.

Trailer Break Down

When the to-be bride Charlotte Hudson is ready to walk the aisle, she faces every girl’s worst nightmare: being left at the altar.

His fiance Elijah hits her with the breakup words, so the wedding is ruined.

After having a heartbreak, Charlotte decides to transform her life for good. In no time, she takes a break from work and heads for an extended vacation.

Then, she decides to join her colleague at a medical camp around a remote island. You can see the look on her face when her friend introduces a dentist Seth Adkins who happens to be her former fiance’s twin brother.

From then, the plot takes a different turn, and Seth starts having feelings for her twin brother’s girl.

Meanwhile, Charlotte also develops affection towards Seth, who reminds her of her previous lover. At the end of the trailer, it is shown how people struggle to let go of the past and start a new life.

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