Which airport is closer to Oceanside CA?

Nearest Airport to Oceanside, CA, United States Closest airport to Oceanside is San Diego International Airport (SAN).Click to see full answer. Then, what airport do you fly into for Oceanside California? San Diego Intl Airport Secondly, how far is San Diego airport from Oceanside CA? 34 miles Then, what is the best airport to fly into for Carlsbad CA? Carlsbad’s local Palomar Airport (IATA: CLD) has commercial commuter flights to Los Angeles on United Express and to North Las Vegas on Vision Airlines, as well as general aviation. San Diego International Airport (IATA: SAN) [10] is the closest major airport to Carlsbad.How far is San Diego from Oceanside?Distance between San Diego and Oceanside is 57 kilometers (36 miles). Driving distance from San Diego to Oceanside is 62 kilometers (38 miles).

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