Which characteristic is typical of fathers of securely attached infants?

Bowlby (1969/1982) suggested that children who are securely attached to their fathers display behavior that reflects a sense of trust, comfort, and emotional availability.Click to see full answer. Then, which of the following characteristics is common in a child who is securely attached?Other key characteristics of securely attached individuals include having high self-esteem, enjoying intimate relationships, seeking out social support, and an ability to share feelings with other people.Subsequently, question is, how do I know my baby is securely attached? The early signs that a secure attachment is forming are some of a parent’s greatest rewards: By 4 weeks, your baby will respond to your smile, perhaps with a facial expression or a movement. By 3 months, they will smile back at you. By 4 to 6 months, they will turn to you and expect you to respond when upset. Consequently, which infant is most likely to form a secure attachment? Hallie, whose parents respond predictably and appropriately to her needs. tend to have more satisfying later social relationships.How can fathers promote attachment with their infants? Here are some ways fathers can create attachment with their infants: Pay attention to their cues, and respond consistently and compassionately. Keep them physically close. Talk, read, and sing to your baby. Play with your baby in an age-appropriate way (peekaboo, for instance).

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