Which Clematis grows best in shade?

Among the shade-tolerant types are the alpine clematis, Clematis alpina, and sweet autumn clematis, Clematis paniculata (terniflora). Here are some others to consider: ‘Nelly Moser’—Pinkish light mauve flowers with deep lilac stripes. Thrives in shade.Click to see full answer. Then, what is the best clematis for shade? Top 10 best clematis for shade Clematis Bees Jubilee. Clematis viticella Alba Luxurians. Clematis alpina Blue dancer. Clematis montana Elizabeth. Clematis montana grandiflora. Clematis Guernsey Cream. Clematis macropetala Markhams pink. Clematis Piilu. Also, what kind of sun does clematis need? Though some clematis cultivars will bloom in partial shade (such as Nellie Moser and Henryii), to reach their full potential they need at least six hours of sun each day. Clematis prefer moist, well-drained soil that’s neutral to slightly alkaline in pH. Herein, can clematis grow in the shade? Clematis. Many of the large-flowered hybrid varieties of clematis do well in shade. However, they prefer to get a little bit of sunlight, so perhaps grow them up a fence where the very top of the plant can reach the light. Clematis montana is a vigorous grower that will grow in light shade.What is the hardiest clematis?Clematis usually bring to mind big, blowsy flower,s but two of the hardiest types are the early flowering species alpina and macropetala, commonly known as fairy clematis. This is because they have delicate, nodding flowers like fairy skirts in gorgeous, iridescent shades of pink, white and mauve.

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