Which compound is more reactive?

The most reactive element is fluorine, the first element in the halogen group. The most reactive metal is francium, the last alkali metal (and most expensive element).Click to see full answer. Furthermore, what is the most reactive compound? azidoazide azide Similarly, which nonmetal is the most reactive? Answer and Explanation: The most reactive nonmetal is fluorine. Fluorine is a halogen, which is Group 17 on the periodic table, and the halogens are the most reactive Herein, what are examples of reactivity? Lesson Summary This reactivity can be fast or slow, toxic or nontoxic, explosive or calm. A periodic table can be used to help predict reactivity of an element. Examples of chemical reactivity include mixing substances to make a medicine and the mixture of a toxic spill with substances in the effected environment.Which metal is most reactive? cesium

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