Which is better IntelliJ or NetBeans?

IntelliJ IDEA is a great Java IDE. Its main advantage over NetBeans and Eclipse is the better support for Android development (Android Studio which is built on IntelliJ IDEA became the official IDE for Android in 2013). There are more plug-ins available each for IntelliJ IDEA and for Eclipse than for NetBeans.Click to see full answer. Also asked, what’s better NetBeans or Eclipse?NetBeans vs Eclipse: While both IDEs are free, open-source and provide the same basic functionality they both differ in a lot of ways. Learning to use NetBeans is also easier than Eclipse because of its simpler UI but on the other hand, Eclipse provides different windows and perspectives making it more flexible.Furthermore, is IntelliJ the best IDE? IntelliJ IDEA is a flagship product developed by JetBrains. It’s the third-most popular product in our IDE category and the highest-rated tool with native Java support. The product comes in two versions: the open-source community edition and a paid Ultimate edition. Also, which is the best IDE for Java? Some of the Best Java IDEs Eclipse. This open source IDE has long been one of the most reliable and oft-used IDEs. NetBeans. This open-source IDE is easy to install, can run across different platforms, and is easy to use. BlueJ. IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition. jEdit. DrJava. Android Studio. JCreator. What is the best Java IDE for Mac?IntelliJ and Eclipse are both very powerful IDEs used widely. Both provide effective tools for project management and debugging/code management.

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