Who bought Shaw Group?

CB&IClick to see full answer. Also question is, who owns the Shaw Group? Chicago Bridge & Iron Company Furthermore, when did CBI buy Shaw? In 2013, after acquiring Shaw, CBI reported its highest net income ever in its long, century-old life: $454 million. Similarly, you may ask, who bought out Shaw? In July 2012 CB&I agreed to buy Shaw for approximately $3 billion. In December 2012 shareholders from both companies approved the transaction and it officially closed in February 2013.Did CB&I get bought out?Houston-based McDermott International Inc. (NYSE: MDR) acquired CB&I in a $6 billion deal in May. At that time, McDermott CEO David Dickson said the energy engineering and construction company hadn’t yet decided what to do with CB&I’s headquarter buildings. McDermott does not own its other Houston office space.

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