Who created the civil service system in China?

Qing dynasty Click to see full answer. Furthermore, who created the civil service exam? Emperor Wen of Sui Similarly, which country first started civil service in the world? List of First in World (Miscellaneous) Role Miscellaneous First country to start civil services competition China First country to make education compulsory Prussia First country to win world cup football Uruguay (1930) First country to make a constitution United States Of America Also to know is, why did the Han Dynasty set up the civil service system? The civil service was started during the Han Dynasty in 207 BC by the first Han Emperor, Gaozu. Emperor Gaozu knew that he could not run the entire empire by himself. He decided that highly educated ministers and government administrators would help the empire to become strong and organized.What was the purpose of civil service exams in China?The civil service exam system in imperial China was a system of testing designed to select the most studious and learned candidates for appointment as bureaucrats in the Chinese government. This system governed who would join the bureaucracy between 650 CE and 1905, making it the world’s longest-lasting meritocracy.

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