Who does Lyla Garrity end up with?

Family: Buddy Garrity (father); Pam Garrity Click to see full answer. In respect to this, does Lyla Garrity end up with Tim?Jason discovers the affair and breaks up with Lyla, also ending his friendship with Tim. Lyla is shattered and ashamed, and the entire school looks down at her. She repeatedly apologizes to Jason, who realizes he still loves her and eventually takes her back. Jason proposes to her and she accepts.One may also ask, do Julie and Matt stay together? Julie enters a rebellious phase. She begins to flirt with The Swede, a fellow lifeguard, over the summer before her sophomore year. Because of this, Matt and Julie’s relationship ends shortly into the season. Likewise, who does Tim Riggins end up with? Season one At the start of the series he is dating Tyra Collette, though they both repeatedly cheat on one another. After Tyra breaks up with him, he begins sleeping with his best friend’s girlfriend, Lyla Garrity.Who does Jason Street marry?Season 5. In “Perfect Record” Jason comes to see Coach Taylor to see he if he is interested in taking a college coaching job. We find out he has been promoted to a full agent status, and that he is married to Erin (who wants to have another child).

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