Who gives the speech El Grito?

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Click to see full answer. Consequently, what is supposed to be yelled after each line of El Grito?As the President of Mexico calls out to the memory of individual leaders of the revolution and to Mexico itself, the crowd yells “VIVA!” after each one. His grito eventually rallied tens of thousands of people, mostly very poor Indians, to fight and change Mexico forever.One may also ask, what time is El Grito? 16, and el grito takes place the night before, just before midnight. “El Grito” refers to El Grito de Dolores, “the cry” that Father Miguel Hidalgo delivered to his parish on Sept. 16, 1810 in the small town of Dolores, located in central Mexico. what is the famous Grito de Dolores? The Grito de Dolores (“Cry of/from Dolores”) was the battle cry of the Mexican War of Independence, uttered on September 16, 1810, by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Roman Catholic priest from the small town of Dolores, near Guanajuato, Mexico. To view these pictures, search the collection on “Mexico.”Where does the Mexican grito come from?The Cry of Dolores (Spanish: Grito de Dolores) is a historical event that occurred in Dolores (now Dolores Hidalgo), Mexico, in the early morning of 16 September 1810.

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