Who invented flan?

Of all the peoples introduced to this dessert, the Spanish were particularly taken with it (and were the first to top it with a sweet caramel sauce). Like the Romans before them, the Spaniards brought flan to new lands, when in 1518, the famous conquistador Hernán Cortés landed in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.Click to see full answer. Just so, is Flan Mexican or Puerto Rican?Creamy Caramel Flan is a traditional Mexican, Spanish, and Puerto Rican dessert. It is a rich sweet custard baked with caramelized sugar. She was from Puerto Rico and made a traditional Puerto Rican flan.Additionally, what is Mexican flan made of? This is easy to make Mexican Flan recipe, it is made using whole eggs, condensed and evaporated milk. Covered with a light sugar syrup. It can also be made using cream cheese or coconut milk. for a different taste and texture. Similarly, you may ask, what countries eat flan? Spaniards brought flan to Mexico during Spanish conquest and occupation. Since then it’s become a truly beloved dish among Mexicans in all regions of the country. Most people consider flan a dessert, but more and more people are finding excuses to eat it at all times of the day.What are the cultural influences of flan?The Arabian influence on flan would include almonds and honey as well as orange. In the 15th-century Spanish kitchen, rich creamery milk was most often used to prepare dessert dishes, with the result that flan quickly became the national dessert. Flan recipes eventually spread through Spain to Latin America.

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