Who is a Contractee?

What is CONTRACTEE? Owner of a project (also known as principal or client) or anyone else who gets into a deal with a builder or merchant and gets particular commodities or/and services as per the conditions of the deal.Click to see full answer. Also, is Contractee a word?contractee. Project owner (also called client or principal) or other entity that enters into a contract with a contractor or vendor and receives specified goods and/or services under the terms of the contract (such as a purchase order).One may also ask, who are contractors? A contractor, or general contractor, oversees a construction site. Contractors are responsible for supplying the necessary equipment, material, labor, and services to complete your project. They hire specialized subcontractors to perform either a portion or all of the work. Furthermore, what is the name of the person who hires a contractor? English (U.S.) To my understanding, the person who hires the contractor is the client.What is the difference between client and contractor?The biggest area of difference is between the commercial objective of the client and the contractor. The client is trying the maximise the business case for the project. The contractor is trying to maximise the profits from the contractor. There are two way of doing this.

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