Who Is Chris Kreider’s Girlfriend, Grace Putman? Here’s What We Know About

Grace Putman is the girlfriend of the professional ice hockey player Chris Kreider.

The ice hockey player Chris Kreider is currently playing as an ice hockey winger and alternate captain of the NHL’s New York Rangers. He was drafted in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft 19th overall in the first round.

He is also known by the name The Human Eclipse as he can set screens on goaltenders. He was playing a recent game against Carolina Hurricanes, and he scored a goal hit of 25mph.

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– Who Is Chris Kreider’s Girlfriend Grace Putman?
– Grace Putman And Chris Kreider’s Dating Life
– Grace Putman Salary In 2022

Who Is Chris Kreider’s Girlfriend Grace Putman?

Grace Putman is known as the girlfriend of the athlete Grace Putman. They have been in a relationship for a while, and both were seen in public quite often.

Chris is 31 years old, and Grace might be 25-35 years of age. So, there might be 2-3 age differences between them. According to the playersgf, Grace works as a customer success manager at MarketMan.

She also loves to go to the gym like her boyfriend Chris likes, and both seem to be health-conscious people.

She got graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2014. Similarly, she studied Communications in 2016 at Denison University. She started her career as an intern for L’Atelier Group Showroom.

Putman also worked as the social media marketing manager at Chalsen Lawn and Landscape. Similarly, she secured the position of recruiting coordinator at Betts Recruiting in New York, but now she is active as a customer success manager.

Grace Putman And Chris Kreider’s Dating Life

Grace Putman and Chris Kreider’s Dating life starts way back in time in their high school. It is rumored that both are high school sweethearts. They seem to have been with each other through thick and thin.

Since they met in the same high school so, Grace might be from Massachusetts. Grace has been a supportive girlfriend to her boyfriend Chris. They were so in love and have good chemistry with each other.

But nowadays, he has not shared any photos of her girlfriend and is rarely seen with her in public. So, they might be dating secretly or they might have gone to separate paths from each other.

Grace Putman Salary In 2022

Grace Putman is working as the customer service manager. According to the comparably, the average salary that a customer service manager makes is about $68,689.

So, she is making a good amount of money from her profession. In the case of her boyfriend, Chris, his salary is in terms of million dollars a year.

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