Who is Comrade Pillai?

Comrade K.N.M. Pillai is the leader of the Communist Party in Ayemenem. He runs the local printing press, and one of his big responsibilities is to print the labels for Paradise Pickles and Preserves.Click to see full answer. In this regard, who is Chacko in God of Small Things?Chacko is Estha’s and Rahel’s maternal uncle. He is four years elder to Ammu. He meets Margaret in his final year at Oxford and marries her afterward. They have a daughter, Sophie, whose death in Ayemenem is central to the story.Likewise, why is velutha The God of Small Things? Answer and Explanation: Velutha symbolizes the ” The God of Small Things” as he enters the world of Rahel and Estha (her twin) and fills it with innocence and joy. He is a father figure to them. Velutha is handsome, fearless, and “practically runs” the Kochamma factory. In this manner, how does Ammu die? Ammu’s life after Velutha’s death is unimaginably bad. She dies alone, likely of tuberculosis, in a dirty hotel room. Still, when she is cremated, Rahel doesn’t remember her as the disgusting, hacking, slightly loony woman that she ultimately becomes. Ammu is remembered as lovely and, most importantly, loving.Why do Rahel and Estha sleep together?Rahel pulled Estha close. It was the first time they had touched one another in 23 years. They undressed silently and conjoined in the Quietness and Emptiness like stacked spoons. There had been no reason for them to sleep together, but it seemed like the sort of ending the chatterati might like.

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