Who Is Dasharra Bridges? Everything About The Person Behind The Avatar Queen Dynamite Alter Ego

Despite being a famous author and scriptwriter Dasharra Bridges aka Queen Dynamite has no Wikipedia page under her name. More details on her will be updated soon.

Dasharra Bridges is a scriptwriter, author, and publisher in her own right. Her award-winning book, Journey of a Single Mother, is her most well-known work. In her hometown of Rochester, New York, Dasharra was named best author.

Following the popularity of her book, she founded JOASM, a firm dedicated to empowering women to tell their stories without fear of being judged.

Being an author has been extremely gratifying; the most challenging aspect of the process was penning her narrative and reliving her history. She felt she needed to get her tale out there and publish a book, but it took her years to get started.

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– Meet her on Instagram
– Dasharra Bridges Age
– Dasharra Bridges Wikipedia

Meet her on Instagram

We can follow her on the Instagram platform under the name @ iamdasharra.

She has gathered 4128 followers with 236 posts. She usually posts pictures related to her career and with her family ad friends on her IG handle.

She just recently posted a video with her friends revealing that she is moving to the next round of AlterEgo on Fox as Queen Dynamite.

Dasharra Bridges Age

The age of Dasharra Bridges has not been revealed yet. However, she seems to be in her 30s as of now.

The exact details of her birth date and other intel have not been revealed yet.

Speaking about her physique, she seems to be almost 5 feet and 5 inches tall. More intel on her zodiac sign as well as nationality has not been revealed yet on the web.

Dasharra thinks that God had placed her in charge of his people and those who were in need.

She was on days when she wanted to give up and simply be alone since she was an introvert, but then she remembered all the women who needed to know they weren’t alone.

Dasharra Bridges Wikipedia

The author, Dasharra Bridges has no Wikipedia page dedicated to her name.

She considers it an honor to have founded JOASM since she enjoys interacting with so many diverse women. There were, however, some setbacks along the road.

When she felt that the task was too great for her, she second-guessed herself and wondered how she managed to have such a tremendous movement. After that, she prayed and realized that God had called her to assist others who had been broken in order to be healed.

For Dasharra Bridges, performing as Queen Dynamite in Alter Ego allows her to chase a long-lost dream.

The judges were completely taken away when Queen Dynamite sang Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody.” Bridges’ performance was flawless, and they all had nothing but praise for her.

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