Who is in the planters commercial?

The Mr. Here’s a lesson one brand is learning this week: Basing a Super Bowl ad campaign around the idea of a pop-culture celebrity death is a risky idea. Last week, Planters unveiled an ad in which its mascot, Mr. Peanut, sacrifices his own life to save his commercial co-stars Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes.Click to see full answer. Regarding this, who was in the Planters Super Bowl commercial?On Jan. 21, five days before Bryant’s death, Planters unveiled a commercial featuring Mr. Peanut driving his Nutmobile, while passengers Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh sing along to Cutting Crews’ “(I Just) Died in Your Arms.”Subsequently, question is, who is the new Planters mascot? Peanut shockingly died in a Super Bowl ad that was released in January, but Planters introduced its new mascot in a commercial that ran just before halftime in Sunday night’s 49ers-Chiefs game. In an apparent attempt to channel the viral popularity of Baby Yoda, Mr. Peanut has been reborn as… Baby Nut. Just so, why did Mr Peanut die? After Obici paid Antonio’s way through medical school, he became a doctor in Newport News, where he died of a heart attack in 1939.Is Planters peanuts going out of business?Peanut, the face of Planters nuts for the last 104 years, is dead, the company announced in a Wednesday press release. It’s part of a commercial that is set to air during the Super Bowl pregame show on Sunday, February 2.

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