Who Is Latoya Kaye From Promised Land? Her Real Name And Career Details Explored

Whether being a mother or an actor, Latoya Kaye knows her role. The actress’s career took off late, and she doesn’t know where to stop. Find out about her age Wikipedia, and career details.

Latoya Kaye is an actress, model, and mother from Northern Ohio. She has built her identity in the industry since 2015.

Latoya has worked on several movies just in a few years. She has played versatile roles in every movie she has done.

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– Promised Land 2022: Latoya Kaye
– Latoya Kaye Age and Real Name Revealed
– Is Latoya Kaye On Wikipedia?
– Latoya Kaye Career Explored
– Latoya Kaye Net Worth: What Does She Do For Living?
– Follow Kaye On Instagram

Promised Land 2022: Latoya Kaye

Latoya Kaye is an actress, model, and mother of one. She entered the movie industry with her first debut in 2015.

Fans have appreciated Latoya’s work and certainly wish to see her feature in more projects.

The actress possesses effortless skills in acting, which has clear visibility in her performances. Her fans are well-aware of the justice she gives to the character.

Latoya belongs to the LGBTQ community. Now, she is married to a woman named Laura Shields.

Latoya Kaye Age and Real Name Revealed

Born on July 15 in a small town in Ohio, USA, Latoya is assumed to be in her mid-30-s. Lack of accurate data on the actress’ birth is faulty of assuming her age.

However, not everyone knows her real name is August Latoya Michelle Reed. She goes by her acting name in the industry.

Despite being a beloved artist, her fans remain unknown about the actress’s early life and family.

Is Latoya Kaye On Wikipedia?

Latoya Kaye is yet to feature on Wikipedia.

Other than Wikipedia, the actress has claimed her spot on a prestigious page like IMDb.

The page has details on Latoya’s work, biography, and a list of her upcoming projects. One can go through the page to know more.

Without a doubt, the actress will soon feature on Wikipedia with all the hard work.

Latoya Kaye Career Explored

Latoya Kaye’s career started back in 2015 with her first debut. Though she was late in her career, Latoya never hesitated to work on her dreams.

Since then, her career has only seen growth and success. She went on her first modeling audition on December 21, 2021.

Little Evil (2017), Tannenbaum: A Sisters Six Tale (2018), Amatures (2018), The Assassin’s Code (2018), Litchfield (2019), The Goocher (2020), Judas and the Black Messiah (2021), Just Another Dream (2021), Promised Land (2022), and more are the list of movies and TV series that the actress has worked on.

We hope she has some more amazing projects lined up for the future.

Latoya Kaye Net Worth: What Does She Do For Living?

Acting and modeling are Layota’s key sources of earnings.

However, no specific data on her earnings are available on the Internet as of now.

She certainly might have her hands-on collaborations and endorsements, too, like every other model in the industry.

With the missing details on her earnings being based on her career, her net worth is estimated at around a million.

Follow Kaye On Instagram

Latoyakaye is accessible on Instagram beneath the username @latoyakaye1.

She seems quite active on Instagram and Facebook, posting pictures and videos now and then. She keeps her fans updated on the tiniest details in her life.

The actress joined Youtube as Latoya on January 11, 2016. One can catch her on Twitter with the username @latoyakleinhans.

In addition, the actress is also accessible on Tiktok as @latoya_kaye. In the era of social media, she knows how to keep her fans engaged.

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