Who is paying for the new Warriors Stadium?Who is paying for the new Warriors Stadium?

San Francisco’s $1.4 billion Chase Center opened in September 2019 and serves as the home of the Golden State Warriors basketball team. The arena is privately financed by the NBA team, but it has Silicon Valley’s tech elite to thank for making the project a reality.Click to see full answer. Keeping this in view, who is paying for Warriors new arena?Chase Center will be like a playground for the Silicon Valley elite and a cash cow for the Warriors. Chase reportedly paid $300 million for 20 years of naming rights to the arena. The office towers on-site are being used by Uber. Retailers are renting space in the outdoor plaza.Furthermore, what is the new Warriors stadium called? The Golden State Warriors’ new arena, Chase Center, is slated to open in San Francisco in 2019. The $1.4 billion self-financed arena features an outdoor plaza, shopping and restaurants, a public park, and luxurious suites for the Silicon Valley elite. Keeping this in consideration, who owns the New Warriors Stadium? Chase Center Owner Golden State Warriors Operator Golden State Warriors Type Arena Capacity Basketball 18,064 Concerts 19,500 Construction Where is the new Warriors Stadium located? San Francisco

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