Who is pucca father?

Ching Parents Chang (father) Friends Pucca (Best friend) Garu, Abyo Romances Abyo Frenemies Ring Ring (in Ching It On) Click to see full answer. Regarding this, who is pucca dad?Hadi Insallah (2014) – Cezmi Baskin as Pucca’s Father – IMDb. how old is Pucca and Garu? Garu is the deuteragonist in the Pucca series. He is a shy, skilled and quite serious-natured boy who plays the unwilling love interest of Pucca and the best friend of Abyo. Garu Born November 11th Age 12-13 in Season 1 (13 since Cursed Tie) 13-14 in Season 2 14-15 in Season 3 Gender Male Resides Sooga Village Additionally, is pucca Korean or Chinese? Pucca is an animation character created by Korean company, Vooz Character Systems. Pucca, a lone daughter of chinese restaurant owners, is desperately in love with a 12 year old ninja boy named Garu. She loves black noodles (Cha Chiang Mein) and seeks Garu’s affection and kiss.Is pucca a goddess?The name Pucca means “Goddess” in Korean. Uncle Dumpling, Ho and Linguini (Pucca’s uncles) are the owners of the Goh-Rong restaurant.

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