Who is the owner of Gillette?

Procter & Gamble Click to see full answer In this manner, who is Gillette owned by?Procter & GambleLikewise, who owned Gillette before P&G? Investor Warren Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway Inc., owns 9.7 percent of Gillette, or about 96 million shares — a stake equivalent to 93.6 million P&G shares. Likewise, who is the current CEO of Gillette? James M. Kilts was a chief executive officer of The Gillette Company. He negotiated the sale of the company to Procter & Gamble for US$57 billion.Is Gillette owned by Kraft?Procter & Gamble owns Gillette, the famed razor blade company, which pays millions to have Kraft’s football stadium bear its name. Kraft has pleaded not guilty and a Kraft spokesman has said he did not break any laws.

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