Who Is Tony Dungy Brother? Everything To Know About Linden Dungy

Linden Dungy is Tony Dungy’s brother, a former American football safety coach. Learn more about Linden from this article.

Linden Dungy, a 1977 alumnus of Jackson Parkside High School, has worked as a dentist since 1987.

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– Who Is Tony Dungy, Brother Linden Dungy?
– Linden Dungy Age: How Old Is He?
– Linden Dungy Parents
– Who Are Linden Dungy Siblings?
– Meet Linden Dungy On Instagram

Who Is Tony Dungy, Brother Linden Dungy?

Since 1987, Dr. Linden Dungy has worked in the field of dentistry. He has worked in private dentistry as an associate.

For the past eight years, he has been an instructor at the University of Minnesota’s School of Dentistry. Dungy also spent six years working in several community clinics that were geared to help the economically poor.

For three years, he worked as the dental director of Model Cities Health Center (now known as Open Cities Health Center) in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Tony Dungy also served on the board of the South Side Community Clinic, Inc. for a year. Dungy has worked in a group practice for Metro Dentalcare and Park Dental in the Twin Cities for over 11 years.

His expertise also includes working in group practice in the Twin Cities, where he worked for two of Minnesota’s largest group practices, Metro Dentalcare and Park Dental.

Linden Dungy Age: How Old Is He?

Linden Dungy has yet to reveal his age on the Internet.

He graduated from Grand Valley State University (Allendale, MI) with a B.S. in Chemistry and the University of Minnesota with a D.D.S. (Minneapolis, MN -1986).

His brother is 66 years old. Tony was born in Jackson, Michigan, on October 6, 1955.

Tony played collegiate football at the University of Minnesota after graduating from Parkside High School in 1973.

Linden Dungy Parents

Linden Dungy’s parents are Wilbur Dungy and Cleomae Dungy.

Wilbur Dungy was a staunch supporter of high-quality education, and his legacy will live on for future generations.

Wilbur graduated from Jackson High School in 1943 and served in the United States military, a member of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first black pilot unit in World War II.

Cleomae Dungy was born in Amherstburg, Ontario, on December 12, 1920. As a young child, she was a member of Canadian junior basketball teams.

Who Are Linden Dungy Siblings?

Linden Dungy’s siblings are Tony Dungy, Lauren Dungy-Poythress, and Sherrilyn Sims.

Linden’s brother Tony took over as head coach of the Buccaneers in 1996, a widely regarded team as one of the league’s worst.

Lauren Dungy-Poythress, his younger sister, is a leading peri­na­tol­o­gist in the United States. Sher­ri­lyn Sims, his oldest sis­ter, works as a nurse in Jackson.

Meet Linden Dungy On Instagram

Linden Dungy does not appear to have an Instagram account.

But his brother Tony has an Instagram account under the name @tony_dungy.

He has 3,228 followers, with seven posts on his Instagram account.

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