Who Is Tracey Hanes, Cameron Hanes’ Wife

Tracey Hanes (Born February 14, 1970; Aged 52 years) is a popular backcountry bow hunter, endurance athlete and tracker, podcast host, YouTuber, author, and entrepreneur better known as Cameron Hanes’s wife.

Despite being married to Cameron Hanes, who makes his living by putting himself out there, Tracey Hanes has chosen to keep away from the public eye. She prefers to continue to stay in the background as a glue that holds her family together. The little that is known about her is from her husband’s and children’s social media pages.

Table of Contents

– Summary of Tracey Hanes’s Biography
– Tracey Hanes was Born in the United States of America in 1970
– Tracey Became Cameron Hanes’ Wife in 1992
– Tracey Hanes’ Husband Had a Rough Start in Life
– Tracey Hanes’s Husband – Cameron Hanes, is a Versatile Individual
– Tracey and Cameron Hanes Union Produced Three Children
– Tanner Hanes is Tracey and Cameron Hanes’ First Child
– Truett Hanes is Tracey Hanes’ Second Son
– Taryn Hanes Is Tracey Hanes’ Only Daughter
– Tracey Lives Her life Away From The Limelight Unlike Her Husband

Summary of Tracey Hanes’s Biography

– Full name: Tracey Hanes
– Gender: Female
– Date of birth: 14th February 1970
– Tracey Hanes’s Age: 53 years old
– Nationality: American
– Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
– Sexual Orientation: Straight
– Religion: Christianity
– Marital Status: Married
– Tracey Hanes’s Husband: Cameron Hanes
– Tracey Hanes’s Children: Truett Hanes (son), Tanner Hanes (son), Taryn Hanes (daughter)
– Tracey Hanes’s Parents: Judy Smith (mother)
– Famous for: Being Cameron Hanes’s Wife

Tracey Hanes was Born in the United States of America in 1970

Tracey Hanes was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, just like her husband. She was born on the 14th of February which remains a very special day in her family. Asides from when and where she was born, Tracey has chosen to keep details about her education and family away from media scrutiny for reasons best known to her. Even Tracey’s mother, Judy Smith, has an Instagram account where she posts details about her children and grandchildren. But Tracey has chosen to be away from any form of social media.

Tracey Became Cameron Hanes’ Wife in 1992

Tracey Hanes became popular when she became a part of the life of world-class bowhunter Cameron Hanes. Even though details about how and when they met are unknown, it is known that they got married on the 6th of June 1992 in front of family and close friends.
Like her husband, Tracey is a fitness enthusiast and has taken part in different activities and including marathons and hunting organized by her husband.

However, when the couple got married in 1992, Cameron hadn’t gained the fame and success that he enjoys today. Tracey has been by her husband’s side through thick and thin, which is one of the reasons why she remains dear to her husband.

Tracey Hanes’ Husband Had a Rough Start in Life

Cameron Hanes was born October 2, 1967, and raised in Eugene, Oregon. His parents got divorced when he was just five years old, and he and his younger brother Pete were heartbroken by the dissolution of their parent’s union.

Cameron’s mother soon moved on to marry another man, and the children had no choice but to move in with their mom and stepfather. Cameron, who didn’t get along with his stepfather, decided to go live with his dad. Not long after, things became rocky as his father – Bob Hanes, was busy with work and didn’t have a lot of time for Cameron. The young Cameron, who was missing his younger brother, soon went back to living with them.

When Cameron was 15 and his brother 12, their stepdad took them rifle hunting in his bid to extend an olive branch towards them. Cameron enjoyed the experience and soon began to set out on his own to go rifle hunting. He trained himself until he became successful at it.

Tracey Hanes’s Husband – Cameron Hanes, is a Versatile Individual

Cameron Hanes has since grown from his days of rifle hunting. His friend- Roy Roth introduced him to bow hunting after rifle hunting lost its appeal and challenge to him.
Since then, Cameron has shot his bow every day of the year. He trains seven days a week and runs marathons in the mountains off-season to toughen up for the physical and mental tests in the backcountry.

One thing worthy of emulation in Camero’s life is that he has managed to make a worthy career out of the things he loves. He makes his money from writing, teaching self-improvement strategies, photography and filming, bow hunting, backcountry, and most importantly, his family.

Tracey and Cameron Hanes Union Produced Three Children

Since their wedding in 1992, Tracey Hanes and her husband have worked hard to build a family together. They have three children, two sons and a daughter. They are Tanner Hanes, Truett Hanes, and Taryn Hanes. Here is what we know about Tracey Hanes’s children.

Tanner Hanes is Tracey and Cameron Hanes’ First Child

Tanner Hanes is the first child and son of Tracey Hanes. He was born on the 11th of June 1993. He went to Mohawk High School in Marcola, Oregon, before he joined the force as a Law Enforcement Officer.

Since Tanner joined the army, it’s possible that he deactivated his social media pages, especially Instagram, where he was once active. Not much has been heard from him since then.

Truett Hanes is Tracey Hanes’ Second Son

Born 10th of December 1996, Truett Hanes is Tracey’s second son. He attended Marist Catholic High School before proceeding to the University of Oregon to study journalism.
Asides from their father, Truett is the only one that seems to have matched their father in terms of popularity on social media. He is quite active on Instagram, where he shares fitness tips and all about his fitness journey. He has a massive following on YouTube, where he also shares fitness and hunting videos.

Truett believes in showing his process just to encourage his followers that every good thing takes time. He has shared a series of pictures of himself coming last in marathons while growing up before he trained himself to be where he is today.

Asides from his father’s influence, one of the things that really brought Truett to the limelight was a pull-up challenge he did in September 2021. Truett was challenged by the former Navy Seal – David Higgins, who was the record holder for doing 4,030 pullups in 24 hours. Truett posted a video of himself doing 4,100 pull-ups in 24 hours. The video went viral, bringing him more fame and recognition.

He has shared pictures of his mother- Tracey celebrating her on mother’s day and on her birthday.

Truett Hanes is also married to his long-time girlfriend – Alicia. The couple got engaged in August 2019 and got married in June 2021. Truett is only one of the three children of Tracey Hanes that is married.

Taryn Hanes Is Tracey Hanes’ Only Daughter

Taryn Hanes is the only daughter that Tracey and Cameron share. Just like her father and brother, she is quite the star athlete and has taken to bow and rifle hunting as well as running marathons really well. She was born in 2003 and attended Marist High School just like her brother – Truett.

Just like her mother, Taryn is practically absent on social media, and all that is known about her was gleaned from her father, grandmother, and brother’s pages, who are all very proud of her.

Tracey Lives Her life Away From The Limelight Unlike Her Husband

Even though Tracey has chosen to remain behind the scenes, this has in no way reduced her importance in her family. Tracey’s husband, who understands how it feels being raised in a broken or blended family, has chosen to do all it takes to ensure that the same fate doesn’t befall their children.

While she isn’t on social media, it has not hindered her family from posting and celebrating her on her special days.

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