Who wrote Leiningen versus the Ants?

Carl Stephenson Click to see full answer. Similarly, how did Leiningen defeat the ants?At the climax of “Leiningen Versus the Ants,” Leiningen undertakes a last-ditch effort to stop the ants by flooding the plantation; he runs to a dam in the river, knowing that it will destroy hisBeside above, what is the theme of Leiningen versus the Ants? One of the main themes in Leiningen versus the Ants is persistence. Throughout the story Leiningen realizes he has underestimated the ants abilities, but continuous to persistently fight. Additionally, where does Leiningen versus the Ants take place? Leiningen owns a plantation in Brazil. He is an arrogant man and refuses to flee an army of ants marching toward his farm. They eat anything in their path.What is Leiningen’s first line of defense?Our first line of defense is a square piece of ground with lots of holes in it. When the ants try to cross the floor the holes will shoot our flames to stop them.

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