Who wrote the misanthrope?

Molière Click to see full answer. Similarly one may ask, who is Alceste?Alceste – The protagonist and title character. Alceste is not a happy man. He is unforgiving, incapable of coming to terms with the flaws of human nature, and quick to point out faults in others.One may also ask, who influenced Moliere? Jean Racine Pierre Corneille Plautus Giordano Bruno People also ask, where does the misanthrope take place? Most of the play takes place in Célimène’s salon.How does philinte defend his behavior?Philinte defends his behavior by pointing out that the man is very influential at court, and so it is in his best interest to treat him as a friend. Throughout the play, Philinte debates with Alceste the issue of sincerity and insincerity in social interaction.

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