Why are carbon based molecules the foundation of life?

KEY CONCEPT Carbon-based molecules are the foundation of life. Carbon forms covalent bonds with up to four other atoms, including other carbon atoms. Carbon is special because they have unique bonding properties. Carbon-based molecules have three general types of structures.Click to see full answer. Thereof, why are carbon based molecules important? Carbon atoms have unique bonding properties. These molecules form the structure of living things and carry out most of the processes that keep organ- isms alive. Carbon is so important because its atomic structure gives it bond- ing properties that are unique among elements.Additionally, why are all living organisms based on molecules that contain carbon? Most molecules that make up living things are based on carbon atoms. The structure of a carbon atom allows it to form up to four covalent bonds. It can bond to other carbons or to different atoms. Hereof, why is carbon the basis of life? Life is based on carbon; organic chemistry studies compounds in which carbon is a central element. The properties of carbon make it the backbone of the organic molecules which form living matter. Carbon is a such a versatile element because it can form four covalent bonds.How do carbon based molecules provide energy to cells?The chemical energy used for most cell processes is carried by ATP. Organisms break down carbon-based molecules to produce ATP. A few types of organisms do not need sunlight and photosynthesis as a source of energy.

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