Why are my silver pothos leaves curling?

Root Rot Can Cause Pothos Plant’s Leaves To Curl When the roots rot, water and nutrients cannot make their way up the plant and into the stems and leaves. Although there is plenty of water in the soil, the leaves become dehydrated and begin to curl while they desperately attempt to retain water.Click to see full answer. Similarly one may ask, why are the leaves on my plant curling up?Curling leaves can be caused by many problems, including insect damage, disease, abiotic disorders, or even herbicides. There are several insect pests that cause leaves to curl when they suck plant juices of new or young leaves that are still growing. These include aphids, thrips, and whiteflies.Furthermore, how do you care for silver pothos? Silver Satin Pothos likes bright, indirect light year round. Harsh, direct sunlight will scorch the leaves, while too little light will cause the leaves to lose their variegation. Water your Pothos enough to keep the soil moist, but not wet or saturated. It’s best to water when the top inch of the soil is dry. Similarly, you may ask, how do you tell if pothos is dying? If the leaves are limp, but still green, and the soil is dry, the plant probably needs water. If the leaves are yellow, you’ve probably over-watered the plant. Golden pothos does not like wet roots and needs the soil to dry out between waterings. Check the stems and roots for dark, soft spots.How do you revive a pothos plant?Use sharp scissors or small pruning shears, cleanly cutting away the damaged stems and leaves. Cut the wilting vines about 2 inches from the surface of the soil to encourage healthy, new growth and promote a bushier shape. Examine the remaining leaves on your dying pothos plant.

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