Why are water tables dropping around the world?

During the summer months, the water table tends to fall, due in part to plants taking up water from the soil surface before it can reach the water table. The water table level is also influenced by human extraction of groundwater using wells; groundwater is pumped out for drinking water and to irrigate farmland.Click to see full answer. Also question is, what are some negative impacts of falling water tables? Some of the negative effects of groundwater depletion: Lowering of the Water Table. Excessive pumping can lower the groundwater table, and cause wells to no longer be able to reach groundwater. Increased Costs. Reduced Surface Water Supplies. Land Subsidence. Water Quality Concerns. One may also ask, what happens if the water table drops? When infiltration is unable to replace groundwater as quickly as pumping removes it, the water table drops. Deeper wells could be dug to chase the table, but then the water table will just drop even further. Overuse of groundwater can cause wells to dry up. Also, why at some places the water table has gone down? Often groundwater is used for this purpose. So, on the one hand we are consuming more groundwater, and on the other we are allowing lesser water to seep into the ground. This results in depletion of water table. In fact, the water table in some parts of many cities has gone down to alarmingly low levels.Is the water on Earth decreasing?Some years a place is flooded with rain and snow. Other years that same place is dry as a bleached bone. But one thing about water doesn’t change. There is only a certain amount of water on Earth— no more, no less—and that total doesn’t change.

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