Why does Miss Havisham see Joe?

Pip assumes that Joe is going to Satis House because Miss Havisham is going to reveal her plans for him. He has no idea he is about to be indentured to go as a blacksmith. Miss Havisham is actually doing him and Joe a great favor, paying for Pip to be indentured to Joe. She is helping Pip to fulfil his destiny.Click to see full answer. Also to know is, why did Joe go see Miss Havisham?She asked for him to come to discuss Pip’s apprenticeship — and to give him money as a reward for Pip’s days of service to her. Mrs. Joe was insulted because Miss Havisham did not invite her to come with Joe.One may also ask, what does Joe’s meeting with Miss Havisham reveal about his feelings for PIP? Joe is so uncomfortable that he talks to Pip instead of answering Estella or Miss Havisham. She declares that Pip has earned “five-and-twenty guineas” and has him give it to Joe to take him on as an apprentice. Furthermore, what do Joe and Miss Havisham talk about? What does she give him? They discuss Pips apprenticeship. Miss Havisham gives him twenty five guineas.What does Miss Havisham’s dress symbolize?It is, indeed, ironic that Miss Havisham’s wedding dress, rotting cake, stopped clocks, and darkened rooms become symbolic of death and devastation. The name of her mansion is also symbolic: Satis House. The old brewery next to the mansion symbolizes the connection between wealth/social status and commercial business.

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