Why does my mint not taste minty?

It does not seem to have a very pronounced “minty” flavor. If you water or fertilize the plant too much, that will decrease the “mintiness” of the flavor. Don’t starve the plant, but mint are such tough plants they don’t need a lot of pampering.Click to see full answer. In respect to this, what does a mint plant smell like?Sometimes they smell fruity like banana mint (Mentha arvensis ‘Banana’) or sweet and flowery like heliotrope (Mentha arvensis subsp. haplocalyx). And in Michigan some mints are grown as annuals since they are not hardy this far north.Additionally, how do you make mint more flavorful? In order to get the most flavor out of basil, mint, etc., you don’t need fancy knife skills or a mortar and pestle. You just need to slap them. First the technique: place a few leaves or sprigs of your chosen herb in one palm. Then give it a good smack. In respect to this, is peppermint and mint plants the same thing? The term “mint” is an umbrella term for the Mentha plant family that includes spearmint, peppermint, orange mint, apple mint, pineapple mint and more. Peppermint’s flavor is similar to spearmint, but it contains the ingredient menthol, making its flavor stronger and more pronounced.What is the best fertilizer for Mint?Cultivate 2 to 4 inches of well composted manure into the top 6 inches of the garden at planting time. Scatter about 1/2 tablespoon of an all-purpose, slow-release, 16-16-8, granular fertilizer over every 1 square foot of the bed and work it into the top 6 inches of soil.

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