Why does Sophie get younger in Howl Moving Castle?

Sophie’s Curse One theory is that the curse is heavily affected by Sophie’s own confidence and emotions. In the beginning, she sounds like a 90-year-old grandmother as her mother put it and she acts as if she gave up on her own life. But as she finds some purpose cleaning the castle, she becomes slightly younger.Click to see full answer. Similarly one may ask, why does Sophie keep changing in Howl Moving Castle?The reason he age changes is because of the nature of the spell that was cast on her by the Witch of the Wastes. However, when Sophie slept, she seemed to revert back to her regular self.Additionally, why did howl make a deal with calcifer? Wizard Howl When Howl was young, he gave Calcifer his heart in order for the fire demon to continue living because he felt sorry for him = this is implied to have sapped his humanity somewhat, and will continue to do so till he ends up like the Witch of the Waste. Also asked, why does howl like Sophie? Howl fell in love with Sophie when he met her on May Day, back before she was cursed. He was courting Lettie to find out more about Sophie. Another theory could be that Howl was never anything but attracted to a pretty face, and would only fancy himself in love on the ‘want what you don’t have’ cliche;.Is Sophie a witch Howl’s Moving Castle?Ms. Fairfax recognizes Sophie’s magic and starts to comment on it before Sophie is whisked away. Ultimately it’s Howl’s old teacher Mrs. Pentstemmon who tells Sophie that she’s a witch.

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