Why does steel have a upper and lower yield point?Why does steel have a upper and lower yield point?

In case of yield point phenomenon (mild steel), with increase in elastic strain the load increases steadily ,then decreases suddenly and fluctuates about a constant value and then increases further. The load at which the sudden drop occurs is known as upper yield point, the constant value is known as lower yield point.Click to see full answer. Similarly, it is asked, why there is upper and lower yield point?A point at which Maximum load or stress required to initiate the plastic deformation of material such point is called as Upper yield point. And a point at which minimum load or stress required to maintain the plastic behavior of material such a point is called as Lower yield point. what is yield point in stress strain graph? 7.4, the yield point is a point on the stress–strain curve beyond which the material enters the phase of nonlinear pattern and irrecoverable strain or permanent (plastic) tensile deformation. The yield point is defined by the corresponding yield stress and yield strain. Additionally, what is yield point of steel? Yield point. The point in the stress-strain curve at which the curve levels off and plastic deformation begins to occur. Offset yield point (proof stress) Upper and lower yield points. Some metals, such as mild steel, reach an upper yield point before dropping rapidly to a lower yield point.What is Upper yield strength?Upper Yield Strength. The upper yield strength represents the point at which a sudden leveling, or drop in stress or load occurs as a material transitions from elastic to plastic deformation. It also marks the beginning of yield point elongation (YPE).

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