Why does sydelle keep talking about twins?

Why does Sydelle Pulaski keep talking about twins? Because she thinks in the will the words to win makes twins. The tenants are having a meeting.Click to see full answer. Keeping this in consideration, why did Judge Ford want to drop out of the game?Judge Ford does not have much faith in her doorman partner or the game. He asks her not to quit because of “nonsensical words,” saying that he would lose his pension. The judge believes that Westing was not murdered, because if his life was in danger he would have contacted the police.Beside above, what was Mrs Hoo guilty of doing? Madame Hoo, the immigrant wife of the owner of the Chinese restaurant at the top of Sunset Towers, has been stealing trinkets to sell in order to go back to China. Hoo’s restaurant has not been doing well, so she miguidedly believes that she must steal things to sell in order to get money to go back to her homeland. Similarly, what disease does Chris Theodorakis have? Christos “Chris” Theodorakis is a 15-year-old boy who uses a wheelchair due to a degenerative muscle disease. He is very intelligent and enjoys birdwatching. His brother, Theo, is very protective of him.What was special about JJ Ford?JJ Ford. JJ (Josie-Jo) Ford is a 42 year old African-American woman who lives in apartment 4D in Sunset Tower. She is a judge and has has served many judicial positions, such as the State Supreme Court, and the Appellate division. She also was a district assistant attorney.

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