Why is Kenya’s population increasing?

Kenya’s population estimates Rapid population growth in Kenya has been as a result of high fertility in the previous decades, a reduction in mortality which has been attributed to the improvement in health facilities and also an increase in life expectancy.Click to see full answer. Moreover, is Kenya overpopulated?Kenya averts 2 million pregnancies in race against overpopulation. Kenya’s current population of 50 million people is projected to reach 95 million in 2050 and 142 million in 2100, according to projections released by the United Nations last year.Also Know, what are the impacts of development in Kenya? PIP: Rapid population growth in Kenya and high fertility impacts negatively on economic development. The growth and high fertility results in declines in gross national product, per capita food consumption, and land quality; a high dependency ratio; urban crowding; and inadequate health systems. People also ask, what factors cause population to increase? Population growth is based on four fundamental factors: birth rate, death rate, immigration, and emigration.What is Kenya’s population? 49.7 million (2017)

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