Why is my guinea pig eating it’s poop?

The plant-based foods that guinea pigs eat are not always broken down at first. So, when they come out as poop, the guinea pigs ingest them again in order to get more nutrients from their food. This process helps their digestion a lot and it is similar to how the cows eat their own cud.Click to see full answer. Also question is, does guinea pig poop a lot? Senior Guinea Pig Pooping lots is very normal. In fact, if he wasn’t pooping much it would be a sign that something is very wrong. Piggies are grazers, and their digestive systems are designed to have food constantly going through them. A lot of food going in = a lot of output the other end! why do guinea pigs poop in their food? I suspect some guinea pigs leave a poop in their food bowl as a sign of ownership, even if they are the only one. Alternatively, there are special corner toilet trays that you can put in to see if he will use one; after all, by pooping in the bowl, he is keeping his bedding clean. Guinea pig logic! Moreover, what is guinea pig poop like? Guinea pigs excrete two kinds of dark brown pellets. One is the poo we all know and expect, but the other is a compound of vitamins and proteins that help the guinea pig digest B vitamins. These are called caecotrophs. They are very similar to the cud that hoofed animals like cows, deer and giraffes produce.Why do guinea pigs poop on you?Just so you know, a high metabolism makes dropping feces a very frequent event. You might escape being peed on, but being pooped on might be inescapable. Note that this applies to out-of-cage time. Overall, guinea pigs usually urinate in the same spot in their habitat, but feces can land anywhere.

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