Why is my okra flowering?

If your plant is dropping its flowers and no pods are forming, it is likely due to environmental problems. Okra needs full sun to produce well. If you are experiencing an especially dreary or rainy period, okra blossom drop may occur. Temperature fluctuations can also stress the plant and cause it to lose flowers.Click to see full answer. Just so, why is my okra not blooming?Lack of water or nutrient imbalance. Non-blooming okra may be suffering from a lack of water. Okra is more drought tolerant than many garden plants, but watering it will keep it healthier and may make it more productive. Also, okra prefers fertilizers that are higher in phosphorus than nitrogen.Likewise, what do okra blooms look like? Okra Orientation Yellow flowers with red centers resemble hibiscus. Pods may be green or red; curved or straight; with or without ridges; and smooth or covered in tiny fuzzy “spines.” In fact, the leaves, stems, and pods of this plant are often setulose, or covered in tiny hairs or bristles. Likewise, people ask, how long does it take okra to bloom? Okra reaches maturity in 50 to 65 days. The plants can produce for ten to 12 weeks. It grows and bears seed pods until frost, which quickly turns them black and kills them. Start harvesting a few days after the okra blooms fade.Can you eat okra flowers?If you dig “nose-to-tail” veggie eating, okra is for you: the leaves, flowers and seeds are all edible. Young okra greens can be cooked like spinach or beet greens (or eaten raw) and the seeds can be ground and used as a coffee substitute (here’s a recipe for okra coffee) or even pressed for oil.

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