Why is the bobbin not spinning?

If your bobbin casing isn’t all the way in, that could be a problem that you’re experiencing. Another problem is you might be threading the bobbin in the casing incorrectly. If you put your bobbin in going to the right so that the thread is going the other way, like this, then things are not able to move as easily.Click to see full answer. Also, should the bobbin case spin?It has a hook that catches the needle thread and draws it around the bobbin case, which causes the needle and bobbin threads to link together and form a stitch. You do not need to attach the thread to the silver part yourself. THe bobbin will move a bit as you sew but don’t expect it to spin wildly. how do you fix bobbin tension? To loosen the tension, turn to the left (counter-clockwise). To tighten the tension, turn to the right (clockwise). If you think of the screw like a face of a clock, you should be turning the screw no more than 10-15 minutes. Make a single adjustment at a time, place the bobbin back into the case and stitch. In this manner, why is my bobbin not working? Whenever the bobbin thread keeps looping on the back of the fabric you might have a problem with the tension of the needle thread. If the tension of the upper thread is too low it might not be able to pull the bobbin thread properly to form a perfect stitch.Why won’t my machine pick up the bobbin thread?There could be several things that could cause the machine not to pick up the bobbin thread. The upper thread could be tangled. Remove the thread completely from the machine. The correct size spool cap should be used for the size of the thread spool.

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