Why is the millennium tower leaning?

Residents blamed the developer for not driving piles down to bedrock while the developer — Mission Street Development — claimed that “dewatering” during construction of the transit center had weakened the soil under the tower, causing the settling and tilting.Click to see full answer. Simply so, which way is the millennium tower leaning?The building is leaning toward the northwest, and has caused cracks in the building’s basement and the pavement surrounding the tower. As of 2018, the sinking has increased to 18 inches with a lean of 14 inches.Beside above, how far is the millennium tower leaning? Here’s what is unusual: their data shows the Millennium Tower sinking — 17 inches so far — and tilting 14 inches to the northwest. Hereof, why is the Millennium Tower sinking? Millennium Partners claims that the construction of the Salesforce Transit Center is responsible for the sinking. Developers contend that construction workers pumped too much water out of the ground while the transit center was being built, causing the sand to compress and the tower to sink.How much is the Millennium Tower sinking?San Francisco’s Sinking Millennium Tower Is Costing Taxpayers $15.7 Million in Legal Bills.

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