Why must ventilation and perfusion be matched?

In order to maintain optimal function of the lungs, the V/Q ratio should be 1. If the V/Q ratio drops to <1, i.e. the perfusion is higher than the ventilation, the pO2 falls and the pCO2 in the alveolus will rise. Hypoxic vasoconstriction can occur, diverting blood to better ventilated parts of the lung.Click to see full answer. Also, why is ventilation perfusion ratio important?The V/Q ratio is important because the ratio between the ventilation and the perfusion is one of the major factors affecting the alveolar (and therefore arterial) levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide.Also Know, what would cause disruptions in perfusion while diffusion would be normal? The most common cause of disruption of diffusion is thickening of the alveolar-capillary membrane as seen with pulmonary edema. This is commonly seen in patients with left-sided heart failure and is due to increased venous pressure, which can result from a poor functioning left ventricle. Just so, what is meant by ventilation and perfusion matching? /Q? ratio or V/Q ratio) is a ratio used to assess the efficiency and adequacy of the matching of two variables: V? or V – ventilation – the air that reaches the alveoli. Q? or Q – perfusion – the blood that reaches the alveoli via the capillaries.What is the difference between perfusion and diffusion?Perfusion has to do with the amount of blood and/or O2 reaching the alveoli, whereas diffusion is the ability of the gas exchange to occur at the alveoli such as the surface area available?

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