Why topological sort is needed?

Topological sort can be used to convert a directed acyclic graph, or more commonly a dependency tree into a linear order such that if any event B requires that A be completed before B is initiated then A will occur before B in the ordering. This is useful in so many aspects of life.Click to see full answer. In respect to this, what is the purpose of topological sorting?Applications: Topological Sorting is mainly used for scheduling jobs from the given dependencies among jobs.Furthermore, is topological sort stable? An interesting property of a stable topological sort is that cyclic dependencies are tolerated and resolved according to original order of elements in sequence. This is a desirable feature for many applications because it allows to sort any sequence with any imaginable dependencies between the elements. In this manner, how does topological sort work? Topological sorting. In computer science, a topological sort or topological ordering of a directed graph is a linear ordering of its vertices such that for every directed edge uv from vertex u to vertex v, u comes before v in the ordering.Is topological sort greedy?Topological sort is a greedy algorithm. A matrix chain product problem has a chain of four matrices ABCD.

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