Will muffler delete pass inspection?

will muffler delete allow me to pass emissions? Yes. Emissions related things have to do with your catalytic converter. Mufflers are put downstream of that.Click to see full answer. Besides, can you pass inspection without a muffler?NOTE: If a vehicle is inspected that does not have a muffler, the inspector should explain to the customer that although the vehicle will pass inspection without a muffler, it is a violation of state law for the vehicle to be operated on the highway without it.Furthermore, will a car pass inspection with a loud muffler? Answer: The smog test does not test the muffler but we don’t recommend you take your car in for testing if you can tell it’s fails; either due to loud noise coming from it or if it has large holes or cracks in it. Furthermore, does a muffler delete affect emissions? Technically, a muffler delete does not increase emissions as it removes no smog equipment. A catalytic converters job is to reduce emissions while a muffler’s job is to reduce noise.Will a muffler delete pass inspection in Texas?A muffler and its adjoining parts, e.g., the tailpipe, resonators and catalytic converter, must not have any cracks, leaking sections or patches. Vehicles with mufflers that do not follow these standards can be cited by police or will fail a vehicle inspection.

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