Would a carbon monoxide alarm detect gas?

No, carbon monoxide detectors will not detect natural gas leaks. A carbon monoxide detector will only detect carbon monoxide unless otherwise stated. However, natural gas companies often put an additive in the natural gas to give it a distinct odor. This makes it easy to detect a gas leak.Click to see full answer. Then, how do you detect a gas leak in your home?To detect a gas leak, check your home for a rotten egg or sulfuric smell, especially around appliances like your stove or water heater. If the scent is strong, immediately turn off the gas supply line to your house, leave the building and get help.Subsequently, question is, how do I know if I have a carbon monoxide detector? To test the carbon monoxide detector, simply press the “test” button. It will tell you if the device has enough electrical power from the batteries or outlet. Just so, what should you do if your carbon monoxide detector is detected? Learn what to do if carbon monoxide is detected in your home Operate the silence/reset button (press the button on Nest Protect). Call your emergency services (fire department or 911). Immediately move to fresh air – outdoors or by an open door or window. Do a head count to check that all persons are accounted for. Is carbon monoxide the same as gas?Natural gas is different from CO because it isn’t a by-product. However, natural gas can also suffocate you just as carbon monoxide does. Natural gas is less dangerous because it is not odorless. Most people will be aware that they have a natural gas leak because they will smell gas in their home.

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