At what level is the reporting CDB to be held?

1. Reporting CDB is to be conducted at the command level Reporting CDB 2. 12 month CDB is to be conducted at the department level to review Sailor’s rating opportunities as per C-WAY-PACT.Click to see full answer. Just so, at what level is the reporting career development board held?1. Reporting CDB is to be conducted at the command level. Sailors should be given a career development board within 60 days of reporting. The first career development board is the most critical interaction between the Sailor and immediate chain of command.Also Know, what military life cycle items are discussed? What military life cycle items are discussed in a career development board? Finances, certifications, and pre-separation counseling. Keeping this in view, what type of discharge should be issued for security reasons? Other Than Honorable Conditions Discharge: The most severe type of military administrative discharge that is issued after actions such as security violations; violent behavior; conviction by a civilian court with a sentence, including prison time; or being found guilty of adultery in a divorce hearing.What type of leave is considered non chargeable to your leave account?Non-chargeable R&R is not chargeable to a Service member’s leave account. See MILPERSMAN 1050-200 for qualifying criteria. Excess Leave is the term used to describe leave granted in excess of earned leave and advance leave, and a period during which the Service member is not entitled to pay and allowances.

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