How can a man organize his small closet?

How To Organize A Man’s Closet Throw out anything you haven’t worn in a year. Roll your socks, belts, and ties and arrange them by color. Position your pants on the bottom and your shirts on top. Store your shoes appropriately. Use containers for stuff you don’t wear often. Utilize sections for your shirts. Click to see full answer. Also, how do I organize my small closet men? Knowing that men have unique needs, here are six closet organization ideas to spruce up a man’s space. Hang an extra rod. Stay in shape. Keep shoes organized. Use specialized storage. Don’t get tied up. Keep accessories safe. Likewise, how do you organize your man’s bedroom? The following bedroom organization tips can be applied to bedrooms large and small. Use the space under your bed wisely. Artwork on walls! Break the room down by major pieces of furniture and organize. Get your closet under control. Consider a blanket rack. Baskets for pillows. In respect to this, how do you organize ties by color? Store your ties in this color order, starting with red, then orange, yellow, green and blue and indigo and ending with violet. In dude language, that would be purple. For quick access, keep work ties separate from casual ties and super dressy ties.How do you store clothes in a small space? General Tips Use ALL available space, but keep it organized. Keep out-of-season (winter/summer) clothes out of the way. You’re more likely to wear something if you can see it. Keep one or two hooks empty for quick-n-dirty clean up. Don’t forget the backs of deep shelves and high-up places.

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