How can I decorate my bedroom for Christmas?

Drape some pine garlands around your room. You can even decorate the garland with mini battery-operated Christmas lights, tinsel, and ornaments. Great places to hang such garlands include above your bed, over your window, around your ceiling, and draped over your bookshelves.Click to see full answer. Similarly one may ask, how can I decorate my small room for Christmas? Display your holiday cards on the wall along with pops of greenery. Make wintry wall designs with washi tape. If you can’t fit a whole tree into your space, buy a half tree. Put branches in a vase. Make a wall decal tree. Or use lights. Or branches with lights. Secondly, how can I make my house look Christmassy? Making Your Home Christmassy Hang Lights on Your Home and in the Garden. Don’t Forget the Door. Ceiling Decorations for the Living Room. Install Garden Decorations. Deck the Windows. Don’t be Shy with the Candles. Create a Fireplace Masterpiece. Use Holiday Artwork. Furthermore, do It Yourself Christmas decorating ideas? Our 80+ Favorite DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas Craft a Snowy Wreath. Steal a Smooch Under Felt. Fake a Roaring Fireplace. Put Candy Canes Under Your Tree. Fold a Mini Forest. Craft an Upholstered Banner. Go Au Naturel. Turn a Toy Into Holiday Decor. Where should Christmas lights be placed in a room? Things to Do with Christmas Lights in Your Room: Hang them where the wall and the ceiling intersect. Or string them across your actual ceiling. Wrap them around the metal frame of your bed, or string them across a headboard. Or go all out and cover an entire wall with strings of lights.

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