How deep do you plant bluebonnet seeds?

An acre will require 20-30 pounds of seeds. After seeding, it is best to cover the seed with soil no more than one-quarter inch deep.Click to see full answer. Then, is it too late to plant bluebonnet seeds?It’s not too late to plant transplants now. It’s too late to plant seeds, though. Seeds should always be scattered in late summer and they will germinate in September/October. They grow roots in the winter then sprout but remaining very low to the ground, sorta spread out. what do bluebonnet seeds look like? The pod of the bluebonnet seed should begin to look dry and lose most of its green color, turning first yellow and then brown. If the seeds are hard and dark when you examine them in the pod, they are mature. Green seeds that aren’t hard are immature and not likely to germinate. Then, how long does it take bluebonnet seeds to grow? one year Do bluebonnets spread?That’s because it takes years for bluebonnet seeds to germinate. The tan, fuzzy pods turn brown, fall off and seeds pop out to spread. To encourage more bluebonnets in a field, it’s important to wait until at least half the pods have turned tan before mowing.

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